A safe and nurturing place for learning and overall development


Our mission is to establish a foreground where young children can create the essential foundation of achieving their developmental milestones while building values of trust, independence, and a lifelong love for learning.


Our vision is to provide a comfortable, home-like quality atmosphere that is safe and conducive for children. Our preschool, led by nurturing care professionals, provides above and beyond quality education and care to children.

About Us

WILD About Learning Academy-West is a child care service provider in Arkansas established by early childhood education professionals. Our goal is to give the highest possible level of care services for each child. Thus, aiding parents in the upbringing of their children. Our expertise in providing child-centered programs has guaranteed parents the peace of mind that their children are in the reliable hands of our child care specialists for the time they are away.

Each day is a unique explosion of age-appropriate activities and experiences for children as we utilize well-founded and modern techniques and strategies in child care and early childhood education. Children have various opportunities to explore their interests, enhance their potentials, and grasp a better sense of the world around them.

Our educators at WILD About Learning Academy-West strive to immerse our young learners in programs that hone their skills and instill moral values. Hence, we create a nurturing environment where their safety, comfort, and health are prioritized and where they can practice respect, courtesy, and humility in various situations.

Parents and guardians are highly encouraged to take part in their child’s welfare. It’s in our decorum to provide clear feedback on their child’s performance and progress within the center to parents and involve them in important decision-making with regards to their child’s development. Above all, we make sure to cultivate a harmonious relationship with parents by reassuring them that their child will enjoy being surrounded by our loving teachers and child care professionals.

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